Strengthening Participatory Federalism and Decentralization (SPFD) is a five year project launched by the UNDP, Pakistan against the backdrop of the 18th Constitutional Amendment (2010). SPFD views the 18th Amendment through a governance, development and public policy lens; and identifies three key areas of programmatic support for informed and effective transition management at federal, provincial and local level, which include: Policy reforms, planning and institutional development, Knowledge transfer and capacity building on devolution management; Research-based advocacy on federalism and decentralized governance.

Provision of Media Course on Decentralized Development Governance in Pakistan

SPFD Project is planning to develop course modules and conduct trainings for working journalists from print and electronic media. The objective is to develop and deepen the understanding of reporting and editorial staff on issues related to decentralized development governance in Pakistan. Particularly, the Project is expected to improve the frequency and quality of reporting, analysis and editorial appreciation of issues related to the transition management of the 18″ Constitutional Amendment. This would finally inform the process of implementation of the Amendment with a focus on effective service delivery at the grassroots level.

Project's Timeline