On 25 June 2016 CPNE Standing Committee Meeting was held at Lahore.‎

‎“Print media holds absolute presence and influence over the society and collectively it is ‎playing a positive role.” –Senator Pervez Rashid

Government should look into the issues being faced by the editors and journalists.” –Zia ‎Shahid, President CPNE

‎“CPNE’s purpose is to resolve the challenges that are being faced by the editors and ‎journalists”. –Aijazul Haq Secretary General

Federal Ministry of Information, Broadcast and Heritage has announced that space will be ‎allocated ASAP for the establishment of CPNE House in Islamabad.‎

To solve the challenges faced by Editors and Journalists CPNE Government Liaison ‎Committee is formed under the leadership of Secretary Information.‎

Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Federal Minister of Information Broadcasting and National Heritage ‎said that, “Pakistan’s media is playing a really important role in shaping and guiding the ‎society. The reason media is doing so well is because of it’s editorial policies and ethical ‎guidelines. He assured that as per the directive of Prime Minister regarding the CPNE house, ‎CDA is going to allocate a plot to Ministry of Information and then the MOI will transfer it to ‎CPNE.” He further added that the Right to Information bill has been legislated and is uploaded ‎on the website, it is gaining international acclaim soon it will be presented in the parliament for ‎promulgation. He also said that a liaison committee will be established which will include, ‎CPNE, Federal Information Secretary, Principal Information Officer and Director General Press ‎Information Department. It’s purpose will be to resolve problems that are raised by CPNE and ‎the publications at large. It will also produce recommendations in collaboration with CPNE and ‎will submit them to the Ministry of Information for approval.‎
President CPNE Zia Shahid said that, the world is changing at a very rapid rate, toady electronic ‎media is negatively impacting the print media. Govt.’s 80% ads are directed towards electronic ‎media, we must strengthen the print media. The Govt. should focus on the issues & challenges ‎of print media, the year 2016 should be declared as the year of print media. The Secretary ‎General of CPNE Aijazul Haq said that, CPNE’s purpose is to resolve the challenges that are ‎being faced by the editors and journalists. Prior to this Mr. Irfan Ather was elected as the Joint ‎Secretary of CPNE. The attendants of the meeting prayed for the forgiveness of the Qawal ‎Amjad Sabri, who was martyred in a terrorist attack in Karachi, they also prayed for the ‎forgiveness of mother of Mumtaz Ali Phulpoto, Editor Awami Awaaz and for the forgiveness of ‎Senior Journlaist Aslam Farooqi (Late). During the meeting, CPNE’s organizational matters were ‎also discussed, progress reports of current projects were shared and future plans were devised. ‎Shaheen Qureshi, Senior Vice President CPNE acknowledged CPNE’s prowess regarding ‎empowering the editorial community, it’s ability to engage media & conduct advocacy is ‎phenomenal and that CPNE should be further empowered. Aamer Mehmood Vice President ‎Sindh said that, the institution of Editors is weakening, it should be strengthened. Mehtab Khan ‎Vice President Islamabad, said that due to the non-payment from Govt. departments many ‎newspapers are facing financial constraints and 14 papers aren’t publishing for the past 2 days. ‎Anwar Sajdi Vice President Balochistan said that, FBR is forcefully collecting 50% tax from the ‎newspapers, further increasing their problems, this issue must be resolved. Senior member of ‎Standing Committee Ikram Sehgal announced that free health insurance policy of Pathfinders ‎Group will be given to all the members of standing committee and office staff and their family ‎members. In the next phase all the members of the CPNE will receive health insurance. Senior ‎member of CPNE Standing Committee Dr. Jabbar Khattak while explaining the performance of ‎CPNE said that, CPNE has completed professional development courses for the journalists and ‎now programs are developed for media houses and working journalists with collaboration of ‎international organizations. Dr. Waqar Yusufi said that for the promotion Freedom of ‎Expression, CPNE can play a vital role among bridging multiple parts of the media industry. ‎Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, said that media houses publish every news except the news that are ‎related to journalists and media houses, they close the news by calling it a private paper or ‎private journalist, this activity should be condemned and media should be united. The abysmal ‎condition of Freedom Expression in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Balochistan was discussed during ‎the meeting and it was decided that conferences will be conducted in those provinces on this ‎issue. At this moment, President CPNE Zia Shahid, Secretary General Aijazul Haq, Rao Tehseen ‎and Imran Gardezi along with members of the CPNE Standing Committee Shaheen Qureshi, ‎Aamer Mahmood, Mahtab Khan, Syed Haroon Shah, Anwar Sajidi, Ghulam Nai Chandio, Tahir ‎Farooq, Arif Nizami, Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami, Jameel Ather Qazi, Dr. Jabbar Khattak, Ikram ‎Majeed Sehgal, Imtiaz Alam, Irfan Ather, Jawed Mahar Shamsi, Mumtaz A. Tahir, Humayun ‎Tariq, Muhammad Munir Jillani, Waqar Yousuf Azeemi, Abdul Khaliq Ali (Marshall), Syed ‎Mumtaz Shah, Hamid Hussain Abidi, Abdul Rehman, Mangrio, Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, Naveed ‎Chuhdary, Tanveer Shaukat, Kazin Hussain, Bashir Ahmed, Zahidah Abbasi and Tauseef Mehdi ‎along with many others participated.‎