Awareness sessions for youth on need of effective RTI law in Sindh at Abdullah Women College Karachi was held on 27th February 2016.
Ms Saba, a lecturer department Political Sciences, inaugurated the event, and welcomed the guests and participants. She admired the CPNE initiative to build the capacity of new generation specially the women and identify the career path for a successful professional in their life. Mr Abdul Rahim Moosvi, Project Manager shared CPNE evolution process, its programs and achievements. All the members are responsible for its function either finance or programs. CPNE intends to work on capacity building or enhancement of editors and journalists.
Mr Anis Danish shared the purpose of orientation seminar and its importance for the youth specially students. He began his session by asking a question “why we need information and is its, right? Students shared valuable points in terms of their career, obtaining information or course work or may be for knowledge.
Ms. Rukhsana, Professor and head of the Political Sciences Department thanked faculty members, students, staff and honorable guests and hope this cooperation would enhance in near future too. 100 students and faculty members have been participated in the session and understand proposed RTI law and its benefits.